i wish noah had swatted the two mosquitoes from his ark

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Capricorn’s don’t like to accept help. If we’re going to make it, we’ll do it by ourselves.

Tomorrow the Trailer Arrives! #FiftyShades
Anonymous asked: "Hey Karla! It's been a while. I'm doing pretty good. I was thinking about you for a while and I just saw a post about tumblr friends and I thought "oh shit" I'm going into highschool in a month and I'm excited for that, but not for the whole 'school' part. I've gotten into tv shows and they have done a lot for me. I also figured out I like girls and guys... who would have guessed?! I miss talking to you, but I guess that is my fault. Have a nice day! ♥"

Heyy! glad to hear you’re doing good! First year of HS?! Oh boy that’s exciting! Really? Like which ones?
Wow nice..i’m proud that you’re able to admit it! I miss talking to you too! And no it’s not your fault! It’s mine! I just stopped talking to a lot of people. You too! ♥️